Chocolate fruit & nut bars

Have you ever tried one of those Nakd bars? They are pretty tasty but unfortunately they come wrapped in plastic. So, thanks to one of our lovely customers, I am able to share with you a recipe for your very own fruit bar, and these truly are ‘naked’. This is a really simple recipe which is gluten free, vegan, and sugar free. But I assure it, they don’t taste well behaved. Eating these gives me my sweet snack fix for the day.  The dates give these bars a deliciously fudgey taste and I assure you they are a great way to pack in some healthy sugars if you are planning on climbing any mountains.

175g dried dates
150g sultanas
225g cashew pieces
3 tbsp cocoa powder


This is the best bit because it is so simple.

Put all the ingredients into a blender or mixer. Blend until there are no lumps left and the mixture is fairly homogenous.

Grease a small baking tray with coconut oil and pack the mixture into the tray. Use a spoon to make sure you get right into the corners. Put the tray in the fridge overnight.

Tip out the mixture (it should have set into a block). Slice into bars and hey presto, you have your very own, completely naked, chocolate fruit bars. Probably a very healthy snack.

Top tip, these can go a bit sticky if they are left out of the fridge for a while in warm weather.  Try coating them in desiccated coconut or chopped nuts

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