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Natural Weigh – Wales’ first zero waste shop. 

Owned and managed by Robin and Chloe Masefield, Natural Weigh has been leading the way in the zero waste sector since 3rd March 2018 when we opened on Crickhowell High Street.  At the time, there were no other zero waste shops in Wales.  A few things have changed since then.  We have moved to a larger shop (still on Crickhowell High Street) and gained a loyal and committed customer base.  Plus lots of other zero waste shops have opened up around the country (we like to think we helped a bit 😉).

Thank you all for making our zero waste shop a success.

Natural Weigh operates with the dual purpose of offering consumers the chance to shop zero waste and plastic free, while also providing healthy, delicious food for everyone.  At our shop, we encourage you to bring in your own containers to reuse and refill with a wide range of foods, cleaning products and personal care products.  All goods are sold by weight so you only buy what you need.  As a zero waste shop, we pride ourselves on offering you the flexibility to shop as you want, using your own containers and buying the quantities you need.