Our ethos

At Natural Weigh we believe it is important to consider the environmental and social consequences of every decision we make, so here’s just a few of the things we do…..

Zero Waste

We are a zero waste shop, providing customers a chance to shop without the need for single use plastic and we are working to be a zero waste business. We dispose of the packaging we handle by:

Giving 25kg paper sacks and cardboard boxes to local allotments and smallholders, supporting local community growing initiatives

Correctly composting the compostable packaging we receive

While we’re working with our suppliers to reduce single use plastic we still receive some. This is sent off to specialist UK based recycling facilities at Terracycle

We still get some waste we can’t recycle, but we are working with our suppliers to continue to reduce that. We work with our suppliers to introduce circular packaging systems wherever possible. So far, these systems are in place for all our cleaning products, shampoos and other personal care products, coffees, cider vinegar, honey, crisps and we are working on getting it in place for other products too.

Reuse & Up Cycle

Our shop was fitted out using almost entirely recycled timber, making use of scaffold boards and machine pallets. A talented local carpenter turned these into the beautiful shelves you see in our shop.

Clean Energy

All the energy in the shop is provided by Ecotricity which generates all its power from the wind and the sun, and invests profits back into clean energy developments

Our local, Welsh & UK friends

We support UK based, ethical businesses and try to source as much of our stock locally as possible. All of our suppliers are UK based and we support 7 separate independent businesses within Wales, as well as several across the UK. We aim to keep the miles travelled by our stock to a minimum, reducing food miles & carbon emissions. Of course, for many of our products this is difficult to do, as we are a little short of rice paddies here in the UK. However, if we can get British, we will!

One of our largest suppliers (Essential Trading) is a worker cooperative based in Bristol. This company is entirely owned and run by its workers and specialises in ethically sourced produce.

And further afield

Globally, we like to think our business can make a difference to those farmers, producers and traders throughout the world, and work with suppliers with strong commitments to human rights and ethical trade. Our organic cotton bags are made by an organisation in India working to give women a chance to earn money. Our coffee suppliers (Coal Town Coffee and Black Mountain Roast, both based in Wales) focus on sustainable and transparent trade with small farms from across the coffee growing regions of the world.

Next steps
Sustainability is a constant for us, and we regularly review our products, partners and operations. What’s more, we’re always interested in hearing from customers or businesses who can help us do better