Suppliers and partners

At Natural Weigh, we aim to work with suppliers and businesses who share our values.  It is important to us to shout about these relationships, to raise awareness of some of these fantastic brands and what they are doing and also to let others know about some of the amazing projects going on across the country.


Black Mountain Roast

Less than 20 miles away, Black Mountain Roast are one of our most local suppliers.  This small coffee company based in the foothills of the Black Mountains roast coffee in small batches using cutting edge technology.  They love coffee and are keen to enable everyone to experience the remarkable difference that using ethically-sourced, high quality, freshly roased and ground beans will bring to a cup of coffee.

Black Mountain Roast source their beans from around the world, from small farms and co-operatives that excel at what they do.  Many of these are not Fairtrade registered but be assured that all their beans are traded fairly and grown using traditional and sustainable methods.

When we suggested to Black Mountain Roast the option of having reusable containers for our coffee they jumped at the chance.  It saves everyone money in terms of packaging.  They drop off the coffee beans in reusable containers and pick up the empties every week, ensuring we get freshly roasted coffee on a regular basis without generating unecessary waste.  Win win.  Buy online here.

Brecon Beacons Cider

Andrew at Brecon Beacons Cider doesn’t just make good cider…he also make a rather wonderful cider vinegar.  We sell this lovely locally made product in store.  It is unpasteurised and contains the mother so is good for gut health.

Coconut Merchant

At Coconut Merchant, supporting farmers is the ultimate objective of what they do.  They try to get as close to farmers and co-operatives as possible and ensure they get paid a fair price for their produce.

Coconut Merchant provide us with bulk coconut oil, which we then offer for sale as a refill.  This reduces the amount of packaging being produced with this product.

Cole & Co

Cole & Co are a family business based in Beaumaris, Anglesey making beautiful personal care products.  They are fast becoming a well recognised luxury Welsh brand.

At Natural Weigh, we are delighted with Cole & Co as, not only do they produce gorgeous, high quality products, they are also keen to work with us to help reduce waste.  Cole & Co take back the containers they provide and refill them.  This is a great example of a circular economy system in action and means you can be confident, when buying these products, that you are keeping waste in the supply chain to a minimum.  We purchase Cole & Co products through SESI Refill.

We stock shampoo, conditioner, handwash, body wash and hand and body lotion from Cole & Co.  All available for refill from our shop.

Cotswold Gold

Cotswold Gold provide a premium, extra virgin rapeseed oil made using traditional cold pressing methods.  This preserves the natural health benefits of the seed, creating an oil naturally high in vitamin E, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 and low in cholesterol.  This organisation only use crops grown on their family farm in the Cotswolds, around 70 miles from Crickhowell.  All the oil is grown, harvested and pressed in the Cotswolds and it produces an excellent oil.

Aside from the wonderful quality and very low food miles associated with this product, we at Natural Weigh love the fact that Cotswold Gold take back the containers to refill.  This means the rapeseed oil we sell has a supply chain which generates no waste!  Now that is something to shout about.

Essential Trading Co-operative Ltd

Essential Trading, based just over 50 miles away in Bristol, is one of the largest worker co-operatives in the UK.  They specialise in ethically produced, organic, Fairtrade and ‘free from’ food sourced from all corners of the globe.  Essential Trading also ensure that they only ever use sea freight, never air freight when transporting goods, which keeps the carbon emissions as low as possible.  The emphasis at Essential Trading is on nutrition, taste and ethically assured, fairly-traded products.

As a co-operative, Essential Trading is entirely owned and operated by its workers.  They have now been open for more than four decades.  The Essential Trading range offers 100% vegetarian/vegan and GMO free guarantee, and the worker co-operative supports small producers and independent retailers, never selling to supermarkets.

We love Essential Trading because they match our values at Natural Weigh and they are locally based.  They provide us with excellent service and are working hard to address the issues we have raised about single use plastic packaging.  We get a large proportion of our dried food stock from this excellent company.


At Kutis, they carefully blend quality and ethically sourced ingredients because it makes good sense to look after the world and leave as light a footprint as possible.  Wherever possible they use organic ingredients and they are committed to using the highest quality ingredients.

Kutis work to limit the use of plastic in their packaging and use instead materials which are widely recyclable.  All their products are made in the lovely Llandrindod Wells, less than 40 miles from us here in Crickhowell.  Buy their lovely deodorants online here


Handmade, luxury confectionery made with artisan Welsh ingredients for a truly amazing experience.  This fudge is honestly the best we have tasted.  Give it a try here

Halen Mon – Anglesey Sea Salt

This exceptional sea salt is produced from the pristine waters off the coast of Anglesey and is enjoyed around the world.  It has been served at the London 2012 Olympics, political summts and royal weddings and is a vital ingredient in Green & Blacks chocolate and Piper’s crisps.

The sea salt is extracted using a combination of traditional hand harvesting and brand new techonology to produce the crunchy white flakes.  This sea salt is produced using pure, charcoal filtered seawater drawn from the Menai Strait around Anglesey, which has already been naturally filtered through a mussel bed and a sandbank.  Every part of the sea salt making process is quality controlled to the highest standards.

The process used by Halen Mon is unique and has been legally recognised as such under EU law.  They are proud to be the UK’s 60th Protected Food Names and are one of the few sea salt producers in the country to have qualified for certified product status from the Soil Association.


Hodmedods is a small but growign independent business founded in 2012 with the express purpose of sourcing and supplying beans and other products from British farms.  They are committed to providing quality food from British farms that’s more sustainably produced.

As well as working to support British farmers and growers, Hodmedods are also keen to work on the packaging they use and already provide their bulk products (to places like us) in paper packaging.

Llangattock Woodlands

Llangattock Community Woodlands is a group of enthusiastic volunteers with a shared interest in trees and timber products.  They are a registered charity working to promote conservation, protection and improvement of small woodlands for the benefit of the public.

Llangattock Woodlands provide us with sustainably sourced, locally produced charcoal, great for BBQs on those long summer evenings.

Little Welsh Chocolate Company

At the Little Welsh Chocolate Company they are fussy about their food.  We know you are too, which is why we love working with these guys.  This company are committed to doing things the nice way. Their hand crafted bars are made using the finest organic chocolate, enriched with organic essential oils and natural locally sourced ingredients.  They promise never to use palm oil, soy or artificial colours and flavourings in any of their products. Ever.  Plus their chocolate bars are completely irresistible!  We’ve got a range of these lovely bars in store, check them out here

Llwynaumawr Produce

This small local producer provides us with the ONLY apple juice in Crickhowell which operates a bottle deposit return.  Pop in for a refreshing bottle of their local apple juice, then bring the empty bottle back to get 25p off your next shop.

Lotsa Goodness

Welsh business Lotsa Goodness was founded by Dietitian Rachel who after years of running her own business teaching healthy cookery sessions with families, schools and communities spotted that there was a gap in the market for her healthy fruit and veggie packed sauces that always went down a storm with participants across all ages.

We love working with Rachel.  She is incredibly supportive of what we do at Natural Weigh and will reuse the empty sauce jars to help keep waste to a minimum (so don’t forget to bring yours back :))

Pip’s Hot Chocolate

Pip is one of our long standing supplier relationships and if you’ve tried his hot chocolate, you’ll see why.  Vegan and with no added sugar, Pip makes lovely hot chocolate to be enjoyed guilt free.

Talgarth Mill

The only working watermill in the Brecon Beacons National Park, Talgarth Mill is a hub for producing award-winning food with strong local provenance and a focus on supporting the local community and the environment.  This amazing project provides Natural Weigh with our wholemeal rye flour and spelt flours, all grown in the UK and milled locally.

The Pollen Basket

The Pollen Basket makes beautiful natural soaps exclusively for Natural Weigh.  This small local business is based less than half an hour away and we get regular deliveries to keep stocked up.  All Pollen Basket soaps are free from palm oil and contain essential oils with no fragrance analogues. Our soaps are made using beeswax from the Pollen Basket hives, keeping everything in these products local and sustainable.  Quality ingredients, combined with care and passion, create a truly quality product.

The Preservation Society

The Preservation Society produces multi award winning chutneys, sirops and preserves packed with flavour in the heart of the Wye Valley. It was created following Angharad’s passion for preserving, a Farmer’s Daughter after all so it’s in the genes!

The Crafty Pickle

These guys are two nutritionists handcrafting gut-friendly, unpasteurised, living fermented foods in South East Wales. They’re on a mission to reduce food waste by using as much perfectly edible but imperfect or surplus produce as possible to craft raw, vegan, naturally nutritious sauerkrauts and kimchis. A percentage of all sales goes towards addressing food insecurity.


Abergavenny Community Kitchen

Welsh Food and Drink

Repair Cafe Wales