About us

Natural Weigh is owned and run by Robin and Chloe with the purpose of providing customers the chance to choose a plastic free alternative when doing their regular shop. We sell organic, additive free food to help people reduce the amount of plastic generated and discarded into our natural environment


Photo by Tim Jones

Photo by Tim Jones

Plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to wildlife and our natural environment, not to mention the health concerns.

Plastic packaging costs money and resources to make and costs local authorities money and resources to collect and send to landfill. But it is our natural environment that pays the ultimate cost, with plastic smothering our wildlife and choking our seas.

The grocery retail sector is the largest source of plastic packaging. There are very few shops where customers can choose to refill containers or use compostable alternatives to plastic.

This is all beginning to change!

Natural Weigh aims to offer the alternative. Our purpose is to provide customers a chance to choose a plastic free option when doing their regular shop. We sell organic, additive free food from hoppers straight to your own containers, enabling people to live a more sustainable life. After all, there's no 'PLANet B'.

Natural Weigh is owned and run by Robin and Chloe. We are not business people or retail experts but have a passion for our natural world and want to make a difference. Having both worked in the environment sector for many years we have seen first-hand the pervasive nature of plastic pollution. We believe it should be easy for consumers to shop sustainably and that everyday choices make a difference.  For more information about us, see our first blog post.

We see Natural Weigh as part of the solution to the plastic problem our society is facing. Why not pop in and be part of the solution.

Crickhowell and the Corn Exchange
We are located in the beautiful town of Crickhowell in Powys, Wales. This little town has an abundance of community spirit which is demonstrated in the purchase and renovation of the Corn Exchange. This historic pub was bought by the community to stop it being turned into a national-chain supermarket. This remarkable story of the local community coming together to make changes is one of the reasons we chose to open Natural Weigh here, and we are fortunate to have secured one of the shops in the Corn Exchange. We are delighted to be part of this town, contributing to keeping the high street alive.

For more information on the Corn Exchange story, visit their website here.