About us

Chloe Masefield – Director of Natural Weigh

<span class="light">Chloe</span> Masefield – Director of Natural Weigh

Robin Masefield – Director of Natural Weigh

<span class="light">Robin</span> Masefield – Director of Natural Weigh

Have you noticed those takeaway cups on road verges? Ever seen plastic bags gently wafting in the breeze?  We have noticed these things, and a whole lot more which is why we started our zero waste shop - Natural Weigh.

Both of us have science backgrounds. We are not business people or retail experts, and we didn’t even know zero waste shops existed until 2017. As our science careers progressed, we both became more and more aware of how our choices as consumers shape the environment around us, and we translated this into our shopping habits.

As our motivation to shop sustainably increased, we found we were limited by what was available. Pasta, rice, cereals, even chocolate comes wrapped in plastic. This led us to the big question…do we give up all chocolate in plastic packaging? Chocolate or the natural world?* What a question to have to ask. It was at this point we realised we needed a third option.

And so our very own zero waste shop was born – Natural Weigh - selling not only delicious chocolate but all manner of other foods plastic free (check out our range!). We don’t fool ourselves, we haven’t solved the problem. But now we can honestly say we are contributing to the solution, and we hope you will join us.

Remember, we only have one Earth!

*Only joking! Of course we would sacrifice chocolate for the environment . If only that was all it took to save it.

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Our team

We are joined at Natural Weigh by some wonderful and dedicated members of the local community.  Louise, Natalie and Suzy are all committed to helping you shop sustainably and will be delighted to help you find your way around our shop.  If you are ever unsure, just let one of the team know and we'll be happy to help.

Crickhowell and the Corn Exchange

We are located in the beautiful town of Crickhowell in Powys, Wales. Crickhowell has an abundance of community spirit which is demonstrated in the purchase and renovation of the Corn Exchange. This historic pub was bought by the community to stop it being turned into a national-chain supermarket. The remarkable story of the local community coming together to make changes is one of the reasons we chose to open Natural Weigh here, and we are fortunate to have secured one of the shops in the Corn Exchange. What's more, Crickhowell won the Great British High Street Award 2018.  We are delighted to be part of this town, contributing to keeping the high street alive.

For more information on the Corn Exchange story, visit their website here.