10 Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

As a new Mother I have a new appreciation for all the amazing stuff my Mum did for me, which is making me more grateful to her than usual this year. Mothers’ Day is the perfect opportunity to show that wonderful woman in your life how you feel. BUT, as with all celebrations in this modern age, it can be easy to get sucked into the overly commercialised world of consumerism. Shops tell us that for our Mum to know how much we love her, we need to spend lots of money on things she probably doesn’t like or need. If your Mum is anything like mine, the buying of pointless presents probably frustrates rather than delights her.

So here is our attempt to help stem the flow of unnecessary gifts without Mums missing out.

First of all, Mums love to spend time with their children…or at least most do :P. In modern life we are all so busy and, particularly as grown ups, making time for those you love is something really special. This should be quality time, ideally doing something you and her enjoy and have in common. Make some memories! So almost all the ideas below involve doing something together. Enjoy. I have tried to arrange them in order of cost to help those on a budget. Or you could do a few of the low cost options or one of the higher cost ones.

1. Go for a walk together

2. Have a day out at a local attraction (think National Trust sites, museums, or just lovely little towns like Crickhowell)

3. Get a book signed by her favourite author or tickets to see a talk (Bookish in Crickhowell have a great selection)

4. Cook her favourite meal, or try cooking something new and special. This halloumi meal is delicious.

5. Have a bouquet of her favourite flowers made up by the local florist

6. Take her out for a meal at her favourite restaurant

7. Book for you both to do a local craft activity, e.g. willow weaving, flower arranging, pottery, jewellery making, baking, chocolate making, etc. There are lots and lots out there, check out Lush by Zoe Claire in Crickhowell for ideas

8. Take her out for an activity day, this could be anything from a relaxing spa experience to white water rafting. Just remember, you have to think of what SHE would like…not just what you like 😛

9. Get her tickets to her favourite band/show/musical etc.

10. Take her away for a weekend with the whole family

Or, of course, you could get her what every Mum wants…a Natural Weigh gift voucher! 🙂

Happy Mothers’ Day to the wonderful women out there who have raised us.

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