Wild garlic pesto

At this time of year you can often see (and smell!) wild garlic carpeting woodlands throughout the country.  This aromatic native herb comes out in abundance in the British spring time and, not surprisingly, it is edible.  It wasn’t until this year that I actually got around to using it and I am so impressed.  Risottos, curries and my personal favourite, pesto!  Wild garlic pesto is a bit of a ‘blow your socks off’ experience but definitely a taste worth sampling.  It will get rid of any wintery cobwebs and leave you invigorated and ready to go.  And it is really quick and easy to make.


100g wild garlic

50g pine nuts

50g parmesan

Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Blitz all the ingredients together and voila, you have made pesto.  Do taste it and modify the ingredients if you like.  A little bit of lemon juice is really lovely in it.

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