Olive wood soap dish

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Beautiful olive wood soap dish, handcrafted in Germany from olive trees which no longer produce olives. A wonderful addition to any plastic free bathroom


The switch from liquid to solid soap can be tricky but with beautiful products like this olive wood soap dish it becomes much easier.  This natural olive soap dish is handmade in Germany.  Each soap dish is unique as it is hand carved from a piece of olive wood.   Made from retired olive trees which no longer produce olives.

This soap dish has water draining holes.  Rinse a few times before use to remove some of the natural oils.  When it is first used, there may be a brown residue on soaps or sinks.  This is the tannins from the wood and can be easily washed off.  It is non-toxic and the dish will soon stop releasing these with continued use.

Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 1 cm approx.

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