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100% pure beeswax blocks from an award winning producer

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100% Pure Welsh Beeswax. Each block is between 25-30g in weight.  The producer of these beautiful blocks won a first at the last Royal Welsh Show in 2018.

This wax is likely to be organic as chemicals haven’t been used on the land for over 30 years (and probably never before that), however, we haven’t been through the organic registration process and so we can’t state this is an organic substance.

The beeswax comes from hives in West Wales. It’s a beautiful area bounded by the Preseli Hills to the south, the Irish Sea to the west, Brecon Beacons to the East and Snowdonia to the north.

100% natural and just as the wax comes off the hive.  There is never any colouring added. The bright yellow wax usually results from the bees feeding on dandelions where the bright yellow pollen colours the wax. The less yellow wax has a higher propolis content and the very pale wax is from the honey super cappings and perfect for high quality cosmetics.

Beeswax is an amazing substance. It is anti bacterial and it is this property which makes beeswax perfect for use in wax food wraps. When used for making candles this wax burns brighter, longer and cleaner than other waxes. It makes a wonderful furniture and leather polish – it will both nourish and protect. In cosmetics it is a humectant locking in moisture and providing texture. It is rich in vitamin A and has soothing and rejuvenating qualities.

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