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Introducing Natural Weigh!

This is a quick introduction to Robin and Chloe.  We are the founders of Natural Weigh and are incredibly excited to be embarking on this journey.

Robin has a background in marine science.  He has worked for the government fisheries laboratory for many years and has seen first hand the plastic problem in our seas and oceans.  Robin is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and loves spending time in natural environments, whether it be surfing or rock climbing, walking or cycling, he is keen.  The only thing to mar these trips into the outdoors is the litter which is ever present.

Chloe has worked in environmental policy for the last 4 years, working with administrations from the European Commission to the Welsh Government.  Chloe has a passion for our natural world and the wildlife in it and hates to see the suffering caused by plastic pollution.

We are very fortunate to be able to start this shop and also very grateful for the support of our friends and family in helping us to make this happen.


Rolanda Thorpe

I am really inspired by your new shop – it is an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while.
This is rather rude of me but I wonder how you would feel about giving me advice about setting up such a shop in the Ceredigion area. I am feeling powerfully moved to do it though I have NO business or retail experience…
A coffee and a chat would be amazing – I’m not close enough to be a competitor at least…
My first questions would be about the laws concerning food storage but I’m sure I wil have many more…
Please feel free to give me the boot if you feel this is inappropriate but I am so appalled by where we have got to with plastic now that I would be very excited to get this going near me and your advice would be invaluable.
Many thanks – and every success to you!


Hi Rolanda,

That’s amazing! I’ve dropped you an email to see if we can give you a hand with any of it 🙂


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