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At Natural Weigh, we aren’t just interested in providing high quality food without single use plastic. That is just one of the ways we minimise our impact (and the impact of our customers) on the environment. We also work to support other local businesses AND keep emissions down through sourcing products locally where possible.

There aren’t many rice paddies in Wales, or even the UK, so it isn’t always possible for us to buy stock which has been grown in this country but we have made particular efforts to source products locally where we can. We do stock green and yellow split peas grown in the UK, as well as British grown quinoa. Both our jumbo oats and porridge oats are grown in the UK too. All our coffee beans are sourced from companies in Wales and a number of them are hand roasted in Ammanford. We also source our loose leaf teas from a Welsh company, based over in Brecon. All of our suppliers are UK based, and the majority of our stock comes from Bristol.

We also stock a number of products from small, Welsh or British independent businesses. These include:

Soap bars (<15 miles) – these luxury soap bars are handmade in Llanvihangel Crucorney. They are completely palm oil free and come without any packaging (but we can wrap them in newspaper for you if you like)

Flour – (<15 miles) our wholemeal, rye and spelt flours are all milled at the wonderful community project at Talgarth Mill, which uses the power of volunteers (and water) to run a traditional water mill. The grains are grown in the UK at Hammonds End Farm in Hertfordshire

Wax food wraps and reusable sponges (<40 miles) – these beautiful plastic free, reusable alternatives are handmade in Cardiff by Tabitha Eve

Natural deodorant (<40 miles) – we have three types of deodorant made in Llandrindod Wells, all of which come in cardboard packaging which can be composted or recycled once you have finished with them.

Makeup wipes and reusable pads (>50 miles)– our makeup wipes are made from fabric offcuts by the lovely ladies at Honour Your Flow, who also provide reusable menstrual pads. This is a small company based up in Cumbria

We are always looking to improve and support more local, independent businesses so hopefully this list will grow. If you would like any further information about how we choose our suppliers and what products we stock, get in touch.


Faye Smith

I live in Llantwit Major South Wales and am a local forager, eco freak that is desperately looking to set up one of your shops here:) I liase with local businesses Restraunt’s, cafes, beauty and health shops and many are taking the plunge and sourcing locally but it’s not enough:/
The farmers pantry, slade farm, rosedew farm and many others produce local meats and local homemade products sold in smaller quantities, highly packaged at either the health shop or supermarkets but there isn’t a shop that combines them all with the main focus being the environment and I would love to have more information about if this is possible in my community? We have a lot of like minded people here ♻️ and an abundance of natural resources which coupled with a zero waste shop could help reduce waste and be part of making a difference.


Hi Faye,

Great idea! Sounds like you have a good set of connections near you. Drop us an email with any specific questions you have and we will do our best to help you out :). Our email address is



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