Sweet paprika – per 20g

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Use this sweet paprika generously in dips, soups, savoury dishes and white sauces to add flavour and colour


Sweet paprika is ground from a variety of peppers, all native to South America. It varies in taste from mild to hot, and in colour, from red-brown to scarlet. Use generously in dips, soups, savoury dishes and white sauces. Added at the start brings out the full flavour, it is also used un-cooked as a garnish

Typical supermarket pack size: 20g

Country of origin: Spain

Brand: Essential Trading

Allergens warning: Due to the nature of our shop and the presence of wheat containing products, all sold loose, we cannot guarantee no cross contamination has taken place. However, we take every precaution to minimise the risk.

Storage instructions: please transfer to a clean, dry, airtight container for storage.


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