Dishwasher powder – per 100g

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Vegan, biodegradable, zero plastic waste, saves energy and fairly priced.  What more could you want!


This excellent value dishwasher powder is vegan, made from biodegradable ingredients and completely plastic free!

Made by the wonderful folks over at SESI in Oxford, this product also has minimal waste in the supply chain as SESI refill our containers for us at Natural Weigh, helping to create a fully circular system.

Ingredients: 5% to 15% oxygen based bleaching agents, zeolites, <5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance (contains d-limonene)

Directions for use: two heaped teaspoons of powder will be sufficient for a normal wash.  Adjust dose depending on requirements.  100g will do around 5 washes

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Weight 120 g


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