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Brazilian coffee (Fairtrade) – per 100g

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This batch has been medium roasted to be suitable for cafetiere, filter, Aeropress. It can also be enjoyed in home espresso type brews.


These delicious Fairtrade coffee beans are from the Sitio Nossa Senhora Farm. This farm produces speciality coffee, winning first place in the Coopervass Competition scoring 87 points. During harvest the coffee is collected manually. It is then turned every 2-3 hours during the day to ensure even drying. The coffee is then left to rest for 30 days before being screened into two grades with the top grade being used for export.

Tasting Notes – A favourite coffee with candied orangeade berries with milk chocolate body and hazelnut finish

Typical supermarket bag size: 227g

Roasted by Black Mountain Roast

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Weight 120 g
Grind preference

Whole beans, Cafetiere, Espresso


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