Welsh Honey Vinegar – per 100g (~100ml) Available in store only

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A premium vinegar, sweet and flavoursome

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To make this rather special product, Wenallt Hives start with wild flower honey which comes from their hives in West Wales and use this to make mead, a slow process which takes over a year of nurturing. To the mead they then add vinegar mother which converts all the alcohol and is left to mature for a minimum of three months. This a completely natural product which has not been heat treated or filtered

Wenallt Hive Honey Vinegar is unfiltered and retains the vinegar mother which is completely natural and may lead to a sediment forming in the bottle. It can be used in tonics, dressings, marinades, preserves and is great used direct on salads, ice cream, etc.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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