Homemade mincemeat

I often feel mincemeat is the herald of Christmas time.  It benefits from being made a good few weeks in advance of the event (the longer the better) but the homemade stuff is worth waiting for.  As well as being much more delicious, when you make mincemeat yourself, you know exactly what has gone into it, can leave out anything you don’t want, and, even better, you can reuse a jar to keep waste down! Read more

Five things you might think are recyclable…but aren’t

Does anyone else find recycling just a little bit confusing? I can’t be the only one. I am fully supportive of the idea that as households, we should sort our rubbish rather than leaving it to someone else, but I think we all need a bit more detail about what can and can’t go into each of our bins. Part of the problem is that there are so many different types of packaging materials we use these days that for the Council to give us clear information would require a small book. Of course, the ideal solution is that we have entirely reusable packaging and don’t have to throw anything away but, let’s be realistic.

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Tomato & coconut curry

This curry is bloomin’ delicious. It doesn’t sound like it has much to it but the combination of ingredients works so well and makes for a satisfying and filling dinner. A massive thank you to Melinda for passing this on to us! This curry is now a firm favourite in our house and is quick enough to fit in after a day at work and even better, all the ingredients are available plastic free.

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Chocolate fruit & nut bars

Have you ever tried one of those Nakd bars? They are pretty tasty but unfortunately they come wrapped in plastic. So, thanks to one of our lovely customers, I am able to share with you a recipe for your very own fruit bar, and these truly are ‘naked’. This is a really simple recipe which is gluten free, vegan, and sugar free. But I assure it, they don’t taste well behaved. Eating these gives me my sweet snack fix for the day.  The dates give these bars a deliciously fudgey taste and I assure you they are a great way to pack in some healthy sugars if you are planning on climbing any mountains.
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