White vinegar for cleaning

20 household uses for white vinegar – the miracle product

Anyone else experienced a cleaning cupboard overflowing with plastic bottles, many of which have very niche uses? I’ll put my hand up and say once upon a time, we certainly fell victim to those marketing campaigns telling us we NEED that new product. Enter, the miracle cleaner that is white vinegar. This one product has a multitude of uses and can save you money, and cupboard space.  It is also better for your health than some of these conventional alternatives. And you can refill it, saving on those unnecessary plastic bottles! (I feel just like I’m in one of those adverts!) Read more

Authentic Welsh Cakes

Happy St David’s Day everyone!  Today is the day of the Welsh Cake.  These beautiful airly little drops of deliciousness are everywhere in Wales today and I hope everyone has the chance to enjoy them. But if not, why not make your own?  This recipe is a tried and tested, passed down the generations recipe and can be made with entirely plastic free ingredients.  The trick is to have the proper equipment for this.  A good, old fashioned, thick based griddle pan is essential for them to work properly.  Good luck. Read more

Natural Weigh’s first birthday

On a snowy day in March 2018, we first opened our doors as Natural Weigh – Wales’ first zero waste shop. It was scary and exciting in equal measure and we can’t really believe it has been a whole year since that first day. But here we are, March 2019, and what a year it has been. We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on all the amazing things which have happened over the past 12 months and to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been in to see us and shop with us. It is down to all of you that Natural Weigh has been a success and we are overwhelmingly grateful for your support and enthusiasm.
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Coconut & cashew biscuits

They may not look pretty but these lumpy little biscuits are delicious and a firm favourite with Rob.  Plus they go perfectly with a coffee. Thank you to Gail for donating this recipe (although I have doctored it slightly according to what I had in my cupboards).  Makes 6 biscuits so double up if you are catering for more.
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Shepherd-less pie

Let’s face it, it’s cold outside and Christmas is over. We all want nourishing, comforting food at this time of year. Well, this shepherd-less pie is just the thing to satisfy your comfort cravings. Vegan and gluten-free too and all the ingredients are available plastic free. This will make enough pie for 6 hungry people or 8 more moderately sized portions.

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What to do with unwanted Christmas gifts

Merry After-Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

For us, Christmas is the season to spend quality time with friends and family (and to eat copious amounts of chocolate :P) but it also includes the chance to give loved ones gifts and to receive ones in return. Hopefully, you have all received delightful and enchanting gifts this festive season, but perhaps there are one or two which you aren’t quite sure whether you will use. According to figures released by Ziffit.com, around 60% of people in the UK expect to receive unwanted gifts, amounting to around 81 million unwanted items every year. One in 10 of these unwanted gifts is expected to end up in landfill.

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