Plastic Free Party Planning

Ok prepare yourself. Parties are probably one of the most contentious areas if you are trying to cut down your reliance on single use and it can make you really really unpopular if you aren’t careful.  Parties can be rife with single use plastic items and a truly plastic free party is rare. Read more

Wild garlic pesto

At this time of year you can often see (and smell!) wild garlic carpeting woodlands throughout the country.  This aromatic native herb comes out in abundance in the British spring time and, not surprisingly, it is edible.  It wasn’t until this year that I actually got around to using it and I am so impressed.  Risottos, curries and my personal favourite, pesto!  Wild garlic pesto is a bit of a ‘blow your socks off’ experience but definitely a taste worth sampling.  It will get rid of any wintery cobwebs and leave you invigorated and ready to go.  And it is really quick and easy to make. Read more

Sour dough

Sour dough

**Edit, We’ve changed the quantities of the flour and find it rises much better!**

Making sour dough is a labour of love.  It may be days between starting and finishing, but it is well worth the wait.  For some people, making sour dough is almost a meditative process.  You need to keep the starter alive between batches, feeding it and checking to see how quickly it is growing, putting it in the fridge, taking it out, and then finally extracting some to make into delicious bread.  So prepare yourself, this recipe does take time but it is tried and tested and the best of the different ones we have tried. This is a slightly modified version of Sarah Owen’s wonderful sourdough recipe.  Read more

How to avoid food waste

Five ways to avoid food waste

It is estimated that UK households throw away 7.1 million tonnes of food a year. This is worth around £15 billion and I for one can think of better uses for that money! Food waste is a particular bug bear of ours because it is often avoidable and costs us all money. Furthermore, I find myself feeling horrendously guilty when I have to throw away food when I know there are so many people who don’t have enough. So here are some hints and tips on how to avoid food waste (and save money).  Read more

White vinegar for cleaning

20 household uses for white vinegar – the miracle product

Anyone else experienced a cleaning cupboard overflowing with plastic bottles, many of which have very niche uses? I’ll put my hand up and say once upon a time, we certainly fell victim to those marketing campaigns telling us we NEED that new product. Enter, the miracle cleaner that is white vinegar. This one product has a multitude of uses and can save you money, and cupboard space.  It is also better for your health than some of these conventional alternatives. And you can refill it, saving on those unnecessary plastic bottles! (I feel just like I’m in one of those adverts!) Read more