pulled jackfruit wrap

Pulled jackfruit wraps

Oh this meal is so good. I am a recent convert to jackfruit but I am convinced this meal will delight meat eaters and vegans alike. The jackfruit gives a wonderful texture and the flavours of the sauce are lovely. It does take a bit of planning to make the wraps but definitely worth it. And be warned, it is more filling than you would think! Two wraps each was plenty for us but this recipe makes enough for eight wraps (four people). Read more

Christmas gift giving guide

Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  I get a warm fuzzy feeling every year when we put the fairy lights up, but it is often accompanied by no small amount of stress.  A major cause of this can be gift giving.  Whether your household goes all out and gets lots of presents, or if you are more modest and have a secret santa set up, it can sometimes feel impossible to find the right gift.  This becomes even more challenging once you start looking into environmental credentials and suddenly, it can feel like you can’t get them anything.  No one wants to give an unwanted gift so we need to think carefully about what gifts to give and avoid falling into the consumerism trap.  Well fear not, here we have some Natural Weigh approved tips and guilt free gift giving advice. Read more

Palm oil

Palm oil

In the last couple of years, palm oil has jumped to become a major consumer concern but there is a lot of misinformation or lack of clarity on the issue of its use. This post sets out what palm oil is and why it is a cause for concern but also what the advantages of this product are over other alternatives. We also set out what to look for if you are trying to avoid it.

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Baked beans

The original baked beans

Conventional tinned baked beans are widely considered a cheap, quick, easy meal but I rarely hear them described as delicious. And I don’t think many people consider them to be particularly nutritious. These baked beans are different! Packed full of flavour and with plenty of vegetables, they make a hearty, filling meal and, similar to their conventional cousins, they can be cheap, quick and easy to make. Perfect at this time of year too when so many of the ingredients are in season. Read more

Coconut oil

We are very excited to finally have coconut oil in stock and we are somewhat in love with this product.  Whether you are putting it on your skin, hair, dog or in your body, this product has become incredibly popular in recent years and with good reason.  But, as with any popular product, there is always a risk that popularity comes at a cost to someone or something along the way.  This post gives a bit of information about where our coconut oil comes from and what it can be used for.  Let us know what you think. Read more